Children can bring a lot of joy to their parent’s lives. And when it comes to babies that joy is often multiplied. It’s hard not to love those short stubby fingers and toes, those infectious bubbly baby laughs, and those cute little toothless smiles. With all these adorable moments it hard to find a baby without an adoring mother with a camera nearby. While some baby moments caught on camera will simply put a smile on your face, some take the prize for being epically adorable. One of those moments came from Baby Olivia and her first steps.

Olivia is a member of the only all-girl the only all-girl quintuplets in the USA. Having to take care of 5 babies is imaginably a very hectic task but the Busby family seems to be keeping it together while giving their babies ample attention and playtime. They have been featured on many social media videos that show how they handle taking care of a set of quintuplets while keeping their sanity. However, baby Olivia took the sport light a few years ago when they were just about a year old that shows her making her first steps. The clip begins with her on the floor happy as a clam playing her heart away. She continues to move around the floor on all fours and then suddenly, almost like she knows something great is about to happen stops and gets up and stands for a few seconds. Then she starts laughing the cutes dip belly laugh you ever heard. She does this for about a minute and then stops and then just starts moving her feet into the first steps she ever made. The person recording (assuming it’s her mother) starts squealing with happiness as she bumps into one of her sisters just before the video ends. It was 25 seconds of pure baby delight and a lot of people thought so too since after it was posted on YouTube the clip had a wapping 1,802,980 views and received over 18 thousand likes. The amazing thing is it seems like it was recorded at random, seemingly no one was expecting her to make those first steps at that moment. The most loved part of the video is that big bubbly laugh just before the steps. That moment was a true sensation. The video went viral within a few hours after it was posted later that month. Nothing like some baby power to up your social media game.

Olivia and her sisters are a little older now but they haven’t stopped gracing the internet with their wonderful presence. You can find clips of them celebrating holidays like Valentines and Christmas. There are others where they go on outings like Baby Shark live and there are all so clips of them tasting Costco samples and making cupcakes at home. Their family has a YouTube channel called ” It’s a Buzz World” and they have about 1.3 million subscribers. They are even now the stars of their very own TLC show named “Out Daughtered” which debuted on May 10, 2016, and is on the fifth season which premiered on June 11, 2019. So if you need to brighten up your day check out Olivia’s first steps and share it with a friend to make them smile.