Oreo has done it again. You’ve probably seen a few odd flavors when it comes to the cookie brand, such as watermelon or peppermint. Many people would just as soon eat a plain Oreo as they would one with all of the flavors.

There is now a chocolate bar made with German chocolate that could be the best thing in the line of cookies that have been produced. The bars started making their way around Europe about a year ago, and many people have given them positive reviews.

The bar is like an inside-out Oreo.There is a layer of cream underneath a cookie crumble. All of that is surrounded by a German milk chocolate that gives just the right amount of sweetness to the treat.

There is a regular version as well as a Big Crunch Bar that is about three times as large as the regular size. The larger bar has an entire Oreo cookie layer inside instead of just crumbled pieces.

Unfortunately, you can only get the bars in a few areas until the company sees whether they will be a hit or not. Distribution in the United States is expected in January of 2017, a sweet way to kick off the new year.