An Indiana girl was in her home recently when she received a strange and compelling message inside her head. It told her to go outside into her backyard. While nine-year-old Elysia Laub did not entirely understand what was happening, she did believe in God and knew that he worked in mysterious ways.

Laub went into the yard but did not see or hear anything. When she turned to go back into the house, there was a cry from nearby bushes. It was there that the girl discovered an abandoned, newborn baby. Laub said she saw the baby’s legs kicking and knew right away she had to get help. She went and got her mother, who picked the baby up and then called the police. It was later determined the baby had been outside alone for several hours and would have soon died if it had not been for Laub. The community is calling the baby’s rescue a miracle. Laub said it was God working through her.

Laub’s mother said if her daughter had not listened to the voice in her head, they would have gone outside hours later and found the baby dead. Police are now searching for the child’s mother. The Laubs asked everyone to pray for the baby.

Elysia Laub, a 9-year-old from Indiana, was playing in the yard when she heard some sounds. Initially, she presumed it was among her household’s pigs that had actually left.

Then she looked closer and shrieked.

Naturally, her mom came going to see what was going on.

” It simply freaked me out, I didn’t understand what it was,” she informed CBS 2’s Brad Edwards in 2016.

Her mom, Heidi Laub, described that it was a newborn with the placenta and umbilical chord still connected.

” That’s when she resembled, ‘Oh my God, it’s an infant,’ and I resembled, ‘What?!” Elysia remembered.

Authorities at the Lake County Constable’s workplace thought the child was less than a day old. Constable John Buncich later on called Elysia the kid’s “guardian angel.”

The infant struggled with sun direct exposure, however was anticipated to be great not long after being required to St. Anthony’s Healthcare facility for treatment.

” I didn’t do this myself,” Elysia stated. “Someone assisted me– God. He put me because location.”

The officers are looking after the newborn as one of their own and, in the meantime, the child has Elysia to thank for getting a 2nd opportunity at life.

The girl from Lowell, Indiana, had actually heard rustling in the bushes and presumed it was among their family pet pigs. “We have 2 pigs,” she informed WISH-TV (acquired by means of The Washington Post). “I believed they had a child or something.” When she got a little closer, nevertheless, she saw it was something else totally. She informed NBC Chicago: “I simply saw pink legs kicking away.”

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