A woman was walking around the city in Tulsa, Oklahoma, without shoes on her feet while working security detail for the sheriff’s department. Although it wasn’t part of his assignment, Deputy Brandon Hendrix approached the woman with a proposal. He stated that he would get her a new pair of shoes so she wouldn’t have to walk barefoot any longer – but the lady was skeptical and didn’t trust the officer.

At first, the lady believed that Deputy Hendrix was scolding her because she had committed a crime. Yet, she was happy when he explained that she wasn’t in any trouble and he only wanted to help by being a Good Samaritan and giving her shoes so walking around barefoot wouldn’t be necessary.

“So he stopped and offered to take her and buy her a pair of shoes,” a Tulsa County Sherriff’s Office spokesperson said. “She thought she was going to get arrested. He said, ‘No, no, I really mean it. I’d like to take you and buy you a pair of shoes since you don’t have any.’”

Deputy Hendrix took the barefoot woman to a local Walmart. After they arrived, he told her she could pick out any pair of shoes she wanted for herself. She carefully selected a high-quality pair of shoes before following Hendrix to the checkout counter.

“They matched the dress she was wearing, so she was excited,” the spokeswoman stated.

Deputy Hendrix did not stop at a pair of shoes, though. He also offered to buy the poor woman some socks so she wouldn’t have to go barefoot in her new pair of shoes.

Throughout the journey, another deputy was there to guide him. “I’m so moved right now,” he said. After seeing the photograph on his phone, the other deputy informed the department and shared it on social media. People liked and shared the photo on Facebook, where it quickly spread across the internet thanks to Hendrix’s kind act.

The accompanying text for the photo was: “Another deputy caught performing a random act of kindness: this Deputy (who wants to remain nameless) noticed this woman doesn’t own a pair of shoes. So he took her shopping and let her pick out a new pair of shoes and some socks. Great job, Deputy!”

“Great job, Deputy!! Thank you for everything you all do to protect us!” said a Facebook user.

Another wrote on Twitter, “this is the kind of policing I can support. Keep it up.”