In the United States, a majority of school-aged children either walk or take public transportation to attend their educational institutions. Whether it is private or public, these destinations house an array of teachers ready to impart knowledge on subjects such as reading, writing, mathematics, and science while incorporating artistry in physical education and music. Parents entrust said educators with educating their offspring – a testament to its relevance today more than ever!

In the United States, a growing number of families are opting to homeschool their children. In 1999, there were roughly 850000 K-12 students who learned from home; by 2021 that figure had doubled twice over and now more than 3 million American youths receive an education away from traditional school settings. This demonstrates how rapidly homeschooling is becoming increasingly popular in recent decades.

The pandemic has played a major role in the sudden surge of families homeschooling their children. After experiencing lockdowns and restrictions, some households found that they preferred teaching at home over going back to traditional public school schedules. For other parents, it was the predetermined curriculum offered by these educational institutions that pushed them away from selecting this option.

It’s likely that when you think of family homeschooling, many inaccurate stereotypes come to mind. But the truth is far from these common misconceptions.

Although I wasn’t homeschooled, I had friends who were due to the fact that they needed more time for their sports. As an adult now, there are other acquaintances of mine with children whose parents opted to home-educate them in order to able to have greater freedom when it comes to traveling and using those experiences as part of their learning curriculum.

Many parents choose homeschooling for their children due to opposing beliefs about what public or private American schools are teaching. A notable example of such a parent is actor Kirk Cameron.

Most of us will remember Cameron as the adorable teen heartthrob from the ’80s sitcom “Growing Pains.” But, in his adult years, he has taken up projects that are more Christian and conservative. Exploiting his name recognition to champion personal interests, Cameron’s latest documentary is titled “The Homeschool Awakening”.

In the captivating documentary, “The Homeschool Awakening,” seventeen homeschooling families step forward to dispel negative preconceived notions of their lifestyle. What kinds of dispelled stigmas are we talking about here? In his FoxNews Digital interview, Cameron confessed that he initially had some misgivings about homeschooling before ultimately concluding it was the right choice for his children. He explained, “Homeschool was not on our radar screen because we had these misconceptions and stereotypes like so many people do. Like, you know, that’s for like Quakers and the Amish, and how could you possibly teach your kids enough so that they get into college? What about socialization?”

Take a few minutes to discover what Cameron’s new documentary is all about by watching the video below.

Are you aware of anyone who was homeschooled in the past, or is currently homeschooling their children?