Hocking County sheriff’s deputies in Ohio responded to a call at a residence to find that two parents had locked their three-year-old child in a cage “filled with bugs.” The authorities were needed since the child was not being properly cared for by their parents. According to a Facebook post, the parents were arrested “after they were chased by law enforcement on foot through the woods near their residence.”

The two parents arrested in this incident were 38-year-old Franklin “TJ” Varney and 25-year-old Megan Smith. The deputies took the parents into custody and locked them away pending their future trial date.

After receiving a complaint about sexual assault, deputies arrived at the couple’s residence in Ohio.

Although we do not know many details about this investigation, it seems that the deputies had gotten some sort of tip which led them to investigate the couple further.

The couple tried to flee law enforcement by running into the woods near the property, but both were apprehended after a short foot chase.

After some time, law enforcement officers eventually entered the Ohio residence on Bear Run Road. They were shocked to find the place in such a “deplorable condition” and when they searched it, they found a three-year-old child locked away in a cage “filled with bugs.”

The three-year-old was imprisoned in a cage that the parents had locked shut with zip ties to make sure the child couldn’t escape.

“The cage that the infant was in was filled with bugs, soiled bedding, and a cup full of spoiled milk,” the sheriff’s office stated.

Police found another child in the home as well; a two-year-old who was wandering around the home “holding a methamphetamine pipe.”

Both children were quickly placed into emergency foster care due to their parents’ neglectful and harmful behavior.

“The parents of the infants left the children and fled the residence due to their involvement with the sexual assault investigation,” the press release read.

Furthermore, the town’s police officers learned an appalling fact. After the parents ran away, they discovered that it was the children’s grandmother who had been taking care of them this whole time. Since she allowed her grandkids to be treated so poorly, she was arrested during the investigation as well.

The grandmother, Ella Webb, 61, was “arrested and charged with Endangering Children, a 3rd Degree Felony,” the sheriff’s press release stated.

These Ohio residents mistreated the children in a terrible way. What do you think about it?