Was her style unkempt?

Imagine thinking your neighbors were bad, only to receive a rude note from them telling you that your clothes were too suggestive for taking out the trash.

“Hi, my husband can see you on our Ring camera,” said the note Emily displayed in her TikTok clip. “Please put pants on when you take out your trash.”

The nosy next-door couple signed their letter “your neighbor” so they could remain anonymous.

The one million views video was grittily captioned: “Nah I’m good luv enjoy.”

Some viewers in the comments section had very unkind words for Emily’s husband, goading her to write a response letter of her own. They also criticized him for even glancing at the note. On the other hand, some said they wished Emily was their neighbor or called the man “lucky.”

“Write back. ‘Thanks but im good. Talk to your husband, not me,’” one TikToker said.

“Tell them to turn off the camera,” another added.

@emilyk8zz Nah I’m good luv enjoy #fyp #marriage ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey