In an alarming incident that recently unfolded at the gate of an American Airlines flight, two women were subjected to an incredibly humiliating experience. Chrissie Mayr, a popular comedian and YouTuber, took to her media platform to share the distressing ordeal they faced. Chrissie and her fellow traveler, Keanu Thompson, were allegedly coerced by the airline staff to strip completely naked in front of fellow passengers due to their attire being deemed inappropriate for air travel.

Chrissie and Keanu were on their way from Las Vegas to Dallas, Texas, both excited about their American Airlines flight. However, their optimism turned into disbelief and shock when they reached the gate. To their disbelief, the gate agent instructed them to remove all their clothes.

Taking to Twitter, Chrissie disclosed that they were initially wearing outfits that could be considered revealing. Chrissie had opted for sparkly flared pants paired with a matching cropped long-sleeve top, while Keanu had chosen a long jungle-print skirt with slits down her thighs, complemented by a bikini top showcasing her shoulders and arms.

As a response to their attire, the women were directed to change their pants before boarding the plane. Yet, the shorts they substituted were equally if not more revealing than their original outfits.

Expressing her frustration, Chrissie declared, “THIS IS NO WAY TO TREAT A REWARDS MEMBER.”

In an interview with the Daily Mail, the comedian shared her mortification, stating, “It was an incredibly embarrassing situation, and I can’t help but wonder if this would have happened to us if we were transgender, obese, or people of color.”

She further explained, “They never specified what was wrong with our pants; the gate agent simply touched my arm and said, ‘Come with me. I need to speak with you… you have to change your pants.'”

Adding to the distress, she continued, “It was a panicked moment, feeling like we had to comply immediately, fearing that otherwise, we would be denied boarding. We also had commitments in Austin the following day since we’re both comedians, so we couldn’t afford any delays.”

“I wish the agent had suggested, ‘Ladies, take a few minutes, go to the restroom, and find alternative clothing.’ But he never explained why our attire was deemed inappropriate, nor did he offer any guidance on what would be acceptable. Consequently, I hastily grabbed a pair of shorts from my luggage as it was the only option available. However, our other checked-in bags had already been stored. Subsequently, another gate attendant informed me that even the bag I had carried needed to be checked due to the lack of overhead space. We were left with no means to change during the flight.”

To their astonishment, the women were expected to undress completely “without any privacy” in front of their fellow passengers, all because the gate agent disapproved of their clothing choices.