In a heartbreaking incident that recently unfolded in New Mexico, a young mother, aged 19, made a shocking admission on police body camera footage. Alexee Trevizo, a resident of Artesia, confessed to giving birth to her newborn in a hospital bathroom and tragically hiding the infant in the trash. This distressing revelation has left the community in disbelief.

On the fateful day of January 27, 2023, Alexee Trevizo arrived at Artesia General Hospital, located approximately 80 miles from the New Mexico-Texas border, experiencing back pain. Little did anyone suspect the tragic turn of events that would follow. Despite medical tests confirming her pregnancy, Trevizo vehemently denied ever engaging in sexual activity, a claim shared with the officers in the captured footage.

The situation took a dark and sorrowful twist when Trevizo locked herself in the hospital bathroom for an extended period of time. Concerned medical professionals eventually gained access to the restroom, only to be met with a distressing sight. Trevizo was discovered diligently cleaning a substantial amount of blood from the floor. However, the shocking revelation awaited them inside the garbage can, where the lifeless body of her full-term baby lay hidden. The gravity of the situation became apparent as the doctor expressed the tragic truth, “The baby is dead… She killed the kid.”

Trevizo’s mother, confronted with the horrifying reality, expressed her disbelief and frustration, highlighting the severe consequences that other young mothers have faced for similar actions. Overwhelmed with emotion, Trevizo repeatedly stated through tears that the baby did not cry upon its birth. Meanwhile, her attorney, Gary Mitchell, has come forward to assert that his client, who has no prior criminal record, should not face a murder charge. According to Mitchell, there are significant inconsistencies surrounding the events that unfolded within the hospital, suggesting a departure from the typical child abuse cases.

This devastating incident marks the second prominent case in New Mexico involving a teenage mother accused of discarding her newborn in the trash. In January 2020, Alexis Avila was convicted after surveillance footage captured her act of throwing her baby into an outdoor dumpster. Fortunately, the baby survived after being found by individuals rummaging through the refuse. Avila has since been sentenced to 16 years in prison.

As the community grapples with the shock and sadness of this tragedy, it serves as a painful reminder of the complexities and struggles faced by young mothers. The consequences of such actions are profound, impacting not only the lives lost but also those left behind, forever scarred by the anguish and grief. It is a somber call for support, understanding, and compassion, as we collectively strive to address the challenges faced by young parents and protect the lives of innocent children.