Your health, everything revolves around it. Your health has such a big impact on the quality of life that you are able to live. many people are born with health conditions, some that just worsen over time and others that may improve and go away with some daily work and determination. Either way, your health is an important role in your life and having health problems is no fun. Health problems challenge us daily from getting everyday tasks done, to working and just trying to function in society. No one ever wants to hear the words come out of their doctor’s mouth stating that they have a health problem. Much less that their child has a health problem.

Imagine how the parents of Karina Rodini, from Brazil felt when she was just the age of two and her parents learned of her health problem. At the age of two, Karina was diagnosed with a rare health condition called neurofibromatosis. Karina has tumors that are growing all over her legs and they aren’t stopping anytime soon. They continue to grow bigger and bigger each day. This health condition has hindered her life in so many ways. Her tumors started growing in her early teenage years and haven’t slowed down, and wont. They will continue to grow for the rest of her life. Making it more difficult for her to get around and live her day to day life. At just 28 years old, her tumors weigh nearly 90 pounds! Imagine the toll the extra weight alone has taken on Karina’s body. Every day she has to lug around these tumors, as if they are part of her.

Not only are the tumors not very pretty, they cause her daily pain and bring her challenges every day as to how she will manage to live with them. Karina is not able to hold down a job and go to work because of the tumors, nor is she able to perform many day to day activities. Clothing and pants that are big enough in the right places to cover these tumors is also very challenging for her to find. As if that is not enough for her to deal with, she is also having more problems with her health the older she has gotten.

Her eye sight is completely gone in her left eye, and the tumors have just really taken a toll on the left side of her body mostly. Scoliosis is something else that she is suffering from because of the tumors. The doctors have removed them before, but they just keep on growing and coming back, even larger than they were before they were removed. Removing much more than a kilo of a tumor at a time can be deadly for Karina, so the doctors have to really be careful before undergoing such a surgery. Currently there is no cure for neurofibromatosis. The only thing the doctors can do for her is just to treat the symptoms that are caused from having it. Until then, Karina is just suffering through and hoping for a change any day.