It’s always best to plan ahead before taking any action, especially if you’re feeling groggy or tired. This is because it’s easy to make mistakes when you’re not fully awake and aware. So unless it’s an emergency, take a few minutes to think about what you need to do before doing anything else.

This Michigan woman made a costly mistake that almost caused her to lose her eyesight.

Yacedrah Williams awoke on a Thursday night with dry eyes and decided to take her contacts out. After rummaging through her purse for her eye drops, she found them and placed a large drop in her eye. It was then that she realized something horrifying – she had picked up the wrong bottle!

Unfortunately, the small bottle she grabbed from her purse without looking was not her eyedrops but a fast-acting nail glue. She panics as the liquid hits her eye and it quickly begins to swell shut.

She sprinted into the bathroom and started throwing water in her eye and trying to pry her eyelids apart. Unfortunately, they were glued together too tightly that they wouldn’t budge.

She said, “I was like, ‘Oh my goodness. ’ It dropped in my eye and I tried to wipe it away. ” Of course, the glue was just doing its job, and no amount of wiping it away would work. Neither would flushing it with water or trying to pry her eyelids apart. It sealed my eyes shut.”

She continued, “I just started throwing cold water, and I was trying to pull my eyes apart but couldn’t. It was completely shut. ”

When all else failed, Yacedrah’s husband contacted 911 and she was swiftly taken to the hospital. The doctors on call were fortunately able to pry her eyelids open and remove the contact lens which had become encrusted with glue. Although she lost some of her natural lashes, thankfully her vision remained unharmed.

She was very fortunate because the situation could have had a much worse outcome. Doctors told her that, due to wearing contact lenses, her eyes were saved. The lenses served as a barrier between her cornea and the glue. Yacedrah has vowed to never keep nail glue in her purse again, in fact, she might give up using it altogether! She stated, “I don’t think I’ll even have nail glue anymore.”

Ophthalmologist George Williams stated that Yacedrah is not the first individual to make this horrifying mistake. Additionally, he said dumping water into her eye and attempting to flush out the glue was precisely the right thing to do. He further recommends that if anything foreign ever goes into your eye, you should flush it with water immediately.

He stated, “You’ll make a mess, but you might save your vision. ”

Being in that situation must have been petrifying. It was an freak accident, but sadly something that could happen to anyone of us. To stop it from happening again, double check everything you do and think clearly before taking any action.