Tracy Kiss is a well-known lifestyle blogger who shares tips and tricks on how to live a healthier life. She believes that her readers can benefit from following in her footsteps, which is why she posts content about her healthy habits online. Tracy Kiss’s daily diet is enough to make anyone nauseous. She consumes a large dollop of her friends’ semen in order to gain the benefits that come with this odd practice.

To acquire the sheer volume of semen she needs, Tracy Kiss employs her male friends and requests they “give” as much semen to her in one go. She then uses this large collection of sperm either as a dietary supplement or rubs it on her face as part of her skincare routine – believing it will have positive benefits for her skin.

Kiss adores eating semen to the point that she’ll put it on top of her friends’ biscuits as if they were eating biscuits and gravy.

Kiss claims to be a vegan, and supplements her diet with semen from her male friends in order to get more protein and other vitamins and nutrients. She believes that a plant-based diet doesn’t provide her with enough of the good stuff, so she asks her male friends to give their semen to her on a regular basis. This way, she can consume it daily without worrying about its health effects on them.

Rare writes that “her daily DNA smoothies help her both physically and mentally. They improve her mood and temperament as well as her bodily health, both internally and externally.” But does semen actually have those effects on a person? Most likely not.

Kiss believes that consuming human spunk is beneficial for her body and still views herself as a vegan because she’s eating the semen in its natural state.

Kiss is a single mother of two, but she’s not going to let that stop her from sharing her love of male semen with the world.

“It can taste really good – depending on what my friend has been eating. My other mates think I’m strange, but I don’t give a toss,” she said.

She continued, “I’d been feeling run down and had no energy, but now I’m full of beans, and my mood has improved.”

She gets a new shipment of semen from her male friend three or more times per week, which is apparently enough to get her through her day.

“I know he’s healthy, doesn’t smoke, drink or do drugs, and I made him have an STI check,” she stated. “When I first approached him, he was concerned I’d use it to impregnate myself. But once I’d convinced him it was for my beauty regime, he agreed – after all, he has a regular supply at hand!”