Weddings are joyous celebrations where families unite in love. People all over the world attend various wedding ceremonies every year. With so many attendees and events, a few faux pas are bound to occur, especially when it comes to attire.

Recently, an Australian business executive, Olivia Burrows Sutherland, faced criticism after revealing the outfit she planned to wear to a wedding in Australia. Being a resident of Melbourne, Sutherland is well-acquainted with the fashion industry and likes to dress fashionably.

Sutherland turned to her 73,000 followers on TikTok for advice on her outfit for an upcoming wedding in Australia. In the video, she showcased a rust-colored Zimmerman skirt she had purchased at the last minute for $525 but was unsure what to pair it with. She debated between a black, thin strapped crop top or a beige bandeau bra top that would both reveal her midriff.

Despite the expected warm weather, Sutherland’s fashion choices were not well-received on TikTok. Many users criticized her for choosing an outfit they deemed inappropriate for a wedding, leading to widespread criticism of her fashion sense.

“I didn’t expect the outfit to be so controversial, but I do know when it comes to weddings and wedding guest attire, everyone has an opinion,” Olivia Sutherland said. “I understand that this is not a traditional wedding guest look. However, fashion has evolved, and two-piece sets have become popular options for guests to wear to events.”

Sutherland’s TikTok video received over 220,000 views and counting, and the feedback flooded in. She was bombarded with comments about her outfit choice from viewers on the social media app.

“Skirt is gorgeous, don’t think the tops appropriate for a wedding, sorry!” one person said.

Another wrote, “I wouldn’t wear that top to a wedding.”

A third person added: “Skirt is stunning. Tops no. They were disappointing.”

Despite the criticism, there were some supporters who suggested that Sutherland wear the matching top with the rust-colored skirt. One woman commented, “I feel like it’s a bit basic. You should really wear the matching top – I’m sure it would look amazing and still fit for the wedding.”

While the controversial outfit garnered a lot of negative attention, Sutherland also received compliments and support from some viewers.

“The beige is absolutely fine. It’s simple and looks lovely! I think it’s completely appropriate for a wedding!” one person wrote.

Another person said, “So many negative comments, my goodness! The beige looks amazing with it. Wear whatever you’re comfortable in.”

“The skirt has so much presence, and I think the tops are suitable. Either color works well with the accessories.”