Early on Sunday morning, Hollywood actress Amanda Bynes was discovered wandering the streets of downtown Los Angeles naked and alone. The actress, who gained fame as a child star and later as a teen queen of Hollywood, is now being placed on a psychiatric hold following the incident.

Bynes first entered the entertainment industry at just seven years old and has since played several prominent roles as both a child and a teenager. She eventually transitioned into romantic comedies, starring alongside Channing Tatum in the successful film She’s the Man in 2006. However, her future in Hollywood is now uncertain due to her recent struggles with mental health.

Unfortunately, Bynes began to struggle with substance abuse, which impacted her career. In 2012, she faced legal issues when she was arrested for driving under the influence and charged with two misdemeanor counts in connection with a hit-and-run incident.

The following year, in 2013, Bynes was placed under conservatorship after several public incidents related to her mental health and substance abuse issues. The conservatorship was initially granted to her mother but later transferred to a mental health professional, who was tasked with overseeing her medical and financial decisions.

In 2022, Amanda Bynes’s conservatorship was terminated by a judge.

The judge stated, “She’s done everything the court has asked over a long period of time. The court determines that the conservatorship is no longer required and that grounds for the establishment of a conservatorship of the person no longer exist.”

Unfortunately, it seems that Bynes’s struggles with mental health and substance abuse may still be ongoing. Just before the incident in Los Angeles, she had canceled a public appearance due to an “unknown illness.” This appearance was a reunion with her former Nickelodeon co-stars from All That, including Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell.

The next morning, Bynes was found wandering the streets of downtown Los Angeles completely naked and alone. Reports indicate that she flagged down a driver and told them she was experiencing a “psychotic episode” before police were called to the scene. It’s clear that Bynes is still facing significant challenges in her personal life, and we can only hope that she receives the support and care she needs to overcome them.

After Bynes was found walking naked and alone on the streets of Los Angeles, she was taken to the police station and placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold, a legal action under the CA Welfare and Institutions Code that allows qualified officers or clinicians to confine someone against their will for seventy-two hours or longer in order to protect them from themselves. Currently, Bynes is receiving care in a hospital and is expected to stay for a few days. Thankfully, she is not believed to have been physically harmed during the incident.