A woman from England has captured the attention of the online community by ingeniously reviving her dying plants in a way that has left everyone amused. Lisa Harvey, a 45-year-old mother from Surrey, England, was fed up with the constant demise of her outdoor greenery and sought a budget-friendly and effortless solution. Little did she know that her unconventional method would capture the imagination of thousands worldwide.

Harvey, who works as a personal assistant for children with special needs, decided to forgo the traditional approach of using water or plant food to restore her plants’ vitality. Instead, she opted for a stroke of pure brilliance—spray painting them green. With a can of green spray paint in hand, she revitalized two withered, brown plants in her garden, and the results were astonishing.

Word quickly spread about Harvey’s extraordinary hack, and her post received an overwhelming response, garnering over 10,000 likes and counting. When asked about her motivation behind this peculiar method, Harvey explained, “I came up with the idea as I’m not very good at keeping plants alive.” Admitting that the two plants were the only real ones in her backyard, she added, “I have fake plants and flowers, but these were the only two real ones in my back garden, and they are both dead, so it saves trying to get the plants out of the pot.”

Unfazed by any skepticism, Harvey took matters into her own hands, armed with a can of spray paint. “My husband thought I was mad, but it’s so quick as well. It didn’t take me long, plus I have some of the paint left in the can,” she shared. Her resourceful solution not only breathed new life into her plants but also saved her some hard-earned money. The cost of the paint, a mere £4, proved to be a fraction of what she would have spent on replacing the plants.

The internet was buzzing with comments, with many praising Harvey’s creative thinking. Sinead Matthews exclaimed, “What an idea… I need this for my grass where my dogs ruined it.” Another individual playfully remarked, “You know what I’m doing [on] the weekend—just need about 10 cans, and I’m sorted.” The overwhelming support prompted someone to challenge Harvey to share her hack in a gardening group—a testament to the excitement her idea generated.

Surprised by the viral response, Harvey admitted, “I didn’t think it would go viral. I just thought that I’d get a few likes and comments, but nothing like this.” She appreciated the humor in the comments hailing her as a genius, remarking, “All the comments saying it’s a genius idea are funny.” Her experience proved that she was not alone in her struggles to keep plants alive, as she humorously concluded, “So many people must be like me and end up killing their plants—so glad I’m not the only one.”

Harvey’s story serves as a reminder that sometimes the most unconventional solutions can yield extraordinary results. Her ingenious hack not only revitalized her garden but also brought joy and laughter to countless individuals facing similar challenges. As her viral fame continues to grow, one thing is certain—Lisa Harvey’s green spray paint hack has forever etched itself into the gardening community’s collective memory.