In a bold move last Friday, nearly ten percent of Los Angeles bus drivers called in sick to protest the alarming rise in violent attacks against their fellow drivers. The perpetrators behind these heinous acts often escape justice, leaving the drivers vulnerable and in fear.

This sick-out occurred amidst ongoing debates between the Metro and drivers regarding security measures. While the Metro Board approved plexiglass barriers for buses, the drivers are demanding stronger punishments for attackers and armed guards on buses for their protection.

As the sick-out unfolded, the Los Angeles Metro issued a caution to riders, warning of potential delays due to staffing shortages. The Metro expressed understanding and support for the drivers, recognizing them as the face of Metro to the majority of riders and acknowledging their concerns about safety.

The Metro assured that immediate steps were being taken to enhance safety, including the installation of barriers and increased security personnel on buses. Urging the drivers to return to work, the Metro emphasized the crucial role they play in serving the community and attending to the needs of vulnerable individuals.

Despite the inconveniences caused by the sick-out, the drivers resumed their duties the following day. The question remains whether Los Angeles will take decisive action against criminals or merely rely on physical barriers to address the escalating violence on buses.

It is evident that the brave bus drivers of Los Angeles deserve better protection and justice in the face of such senseless attacks. The city must act swiftly to ensure the safety and well-being of those who tirelessly serve the community.

The resolve and determination shown by the drivers highlight the urgent need for comprehensive security measures to safeguard public transport and protect those who operate our essential services. Let us hope that these protests serve as a wake-up call to city authorities to address this pressing issue and guarantee the safety of our bus drivers.