In a heart-wrenching incident that shook Milan, Italy, Anna Bellisario, a vibrant 20-year-old fashion student, met her untimely demise last year after consuming what was seemingly a harmless ‘vegan’ dessert. The tragic event unfolded on the evening of January 26, 2023, as Anna and her boyfriend ventured out for a romantic dinner at the renowned vegan burger haven, Flower Burger.

The ill-fated dish that Anna chose that night was the “Tiramisun Mascherpa,” a dessert that should have been safe for her dairy allergy. As the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reported, Anna was excited about her choice but cautious as always. She diligently inspected the label, seeking more information to ensure her safety.

However, within moments of savoring a few spoonfuls of the seemingly innocuous dessert, disaster struck. Anna began to cough uncontrollably, struggling for each breath. Desperation engulfed her as she frantically attempted to induce vomiting and administered her asthma medication and cortisone. Tragically, despite her valiant efforts, she succumbed to anaphylactic shock and slipped into unconsciousness.

For ten agonizing days, Anna fought for her life at Milan’s San Raffaele Hospital before passing away on February 5, 2023. It was a devastating loss that reverberated through her family and friends. Anna had been living with her dairy allergy from birth, and this wasn’t her first visit to Flower Burger, as reported by the Mirror.

As the investigation unfolded, a mother-daughter duo, proprietors of the pastry company that supplied the ill-fated tiramisu to Flower Burger and 63 other restaurants, found themselves under intense scrutiny for potential manslaughter charges, as per Corriere della Sera.

Flower Burger expressed profound sorrow over Anna’s tragic demise, acknowledging her as a cherished patron. However, they made it clear that the tiramisu in question had been packaged and produced by a third-party entity known as Glg Srl. Vowing to pursue legal action against the responsible company, Flower Burger insisted they had suffered both personal and reputational harm due to this unfortunate incident.

The truth emerged on January 15, 2024, when the judicial investigation revealed the presence of dairy traces, including casein, in the product. The fatal ingredient, mascarpone, was discovered, leading to the unfortunate demise of the young woman. Flower Burger maintained their innocence throughout the investigation.

Italian Insider, in its coverage last year, identified the pastry company as Tiramisun. In the wake of the incident, the Italian Ministry of Health ordered the immediate recall of the supposedly ‘vegan’ tiramisu due to suspicions of milk contamination. Further investigations unearthed traces of milk and milk protein in Tirimisun products, along with egg traces in the mayonnaise of the sandwich that Anna had ordered, as reported by the Mirror.

It is believed that Tiramisun might have committed a grave error by intermingling production lines for their vegan pastries with those containing dairy. Judge Fiammetta Modica deemed the incident “a worrying picture of unscrupulousness,” signaling the gravity of the situation.

The Post reached out to Glg Srl for their statement, awaiting further insight into the matter. This tragic episode serves as a stark reminder of the importance of transparent food labeling, particularly for individuals with severe allergies.

As Anna Bellisario’s grieving family seeks justice for their beloved daughter and sister, the world watches with bated breath, hoping that this devastating loss will lead to more rigorous food safety measures and awareness surrounding the risks faced by those with allergies.