Vienna Würstel, a self-proclaimed advocate of aesthetic enhancement, has set tongues wagging with her remarkable 30ml lip augmentation. Despite the cyber onslaught from critics, she remains steadfast in her pursuit of fuller lips, proudly flaunting her voluminous pout across social platforms.

Residing in the sun-kissed shores of Mallorca, Spain, Vienna candidly admits that maneuvering through meals has become a feat of endurance due to her supersized lips. Describing herself as “more lips than human,” she opens up about the newfound obstacles she faces daily, particularly when it comes to quenching her thirst.

With her lips adorned with 30ml of filler, Vienna dismisses claims of digital enhancements or resembling waterfowl, asserting her authenticity. In a bold online revelation, she showcases the staggering volume of filler injected into her lips, dispelling any doubts about the magnitude of her enhancements.

“I’ve undergone 3CC (3ml), 7CC (7ml), and another 7CC (7ml) in previous sessions. Currently, there’s approximately 30CC (30ml) of filler in my lips, and I anticipate adding more in the future,” Vienna boldly declares, silencing skeptics questioning the safety of her procedures.

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Addressing safety concerns head-on, she reassures her audience, “All the plastic surgeons I entrust are highly skilled. Their expertise enables me to achieve these lip sizes safely.”

Vienna bravely confronts the inevitable question regarding her daily routines with her colossal lips. She concedes that eating remains manageable, especially with softer foods, but drinking poses a more significant challenge.

@titty_twins Pics auf Insta: Vienna.wuerstel #lipinjections #botox #filler ♬ Originalton – Vienna Würstel 🏳️‍⚧️

“It’s quite challenging,” she acknowledges before demonstrating a sip of water, a droplet escaping her lips. “As you can see, there’s a bit of spillage. Yet, I’ve adapted to my changing reality. With practice, I’m improving.”

While Vienna’s augmented lips may astound many, it’s imperative to acknowledge the risks associated with such procedures. Instances of untrained practitioners administering fillers or Botox without proper expertise have led to severe complications, including tissue damage and even blindness.

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Dr. Tim Pearce, a renowned Aesthetic Clinician and Trainer, advises against exceeding 1ml of dermal filler in the lips per session to mitigate potential risks.

Vienna’s TikTok revelation has sparked a viral sensation, captivating millions and sparking a mix of fascination and bewilderment among social media users.

Regarding the texture of her turbo-plumped lips, Vienna compares them to a “thumb,” deviating from the conventional soft, pillowy feel due to the substantial volume of filler.

As Vienna continues her journey towards aesthetic perfection, her story serves as a cautionary tale, reminding individuals of the importance of informed decisions and responsible aesthetic practices.