Mandy Cowie, a single mother of ten children from five different men, has one goal for the rest of her life as a result of her experience with the British welfare system. She has learned to take advantage of the British welfare system by securing a steady income at the expense of taxpayers while obtaining benefits that most people would want to obtain employment to provide for their families. To accomplish this, she plans on raising fifty grandchildren so she can continue to receive government checks for the remainder of her life while being the biggest family in Great Britain.

“I probably wouldn’t get a job that would pay as much as I get now anyway,” she said of her decision not to leave government assistance. “People might judge, but if it’s there on offer, who wouldn’t take it?”

For the last three decades, Cowie has received government aid. Her welfare payments have covered all of her expenses and have been quite generous as a result of taxpayers’ generosity. She now wants her ten children to pursue a similar path in life and work for government welfare checks. Every year, Cowie gets $34,000 in government handouts. Despite spending the majority of her dole payment on essential items, she did spend at least $3,000 on getting much of her body tattooed.

“Ten kids and full of tattoos, mate,” Cowie said of herself. “So what if I’m on the effing dole, mate. I don’t like it, eff off. I had my first one at 18 and my last one at 36, and I’ve told them I want 50 grandkids before I die.”

The goal of Cowie’s is for her children to have as many descendants as she has grandchildren. She presently has sixteen grandchildren, indicating that she is well on her way to fulfilling her strange objective. After being chosen to appear on the television program Britain’s Biggest Benefits Family, which documents the lives of families relying on government subsidies to make ends meet, Cowie became somewhat famous throughout Great Britain.

In addition to leeching off the government and the taxpayer, Cowie has shown herself to be a terrible parent. She acknowledged that she gave her thirteen-year-old daughter cigarettes and let her consume alcohol at home when she completed some excellent behavior.

“People may be shocked that I’ve been on benefits for so long, but I don’t care,” Cowie stated. “I can’t work because of the kids, and while the pregnancies weren’t planned, I love having a big family.

Cowie has three of her ten children still living with her, while the other six have left home and started their own lives. Cowie receives government handouts in the form of disabled benefits, child tax credits, child benefits, and a jobseeker’s allowance for her son.

It’s unclear whether Cowie’s children will follow in her footsteps. Cristal, her 24-year-old daughter, receives welfare payments already.

“I’m still with the baby’s dad, but he doesn’t live at my house. People say he lives there, but he doesn’t…” Cristal stated. “If we were to live together, our benefits would get stopped, so we might as well be together and live in different houses.”