Jessica Alves brought JLo vibes to the vibrant streets of Ibiza on a sunny Sunday, stunning everyone with her audacious dress choice. Emulating Jennifer Lopez’s iconic Versace gown from the 2000 Grammys, the British-Brazilian reality star exuded sheer glamour.

Despite not gracing a red carpet, Jessica fearlessly flaunted her plunging green ensemble, which gracefully draped her figure. Unafraid to strike her best poses, she owned the moment with unwavering confidence.

The alluring leaf-print fabric delicately veiled her ample assets, while her choice of gold footwear added a touch of opulence. As she indulged in a delightful lunch date under the Spanish sun, Jessica’s impeccable style left onlookers captivated.

This well-deserved vacation serves as a rejuvenating escape for Jessica, who recently opened up about her mental health struggles following a corrective procedure to address her XXL butt implants. With 2220cc implants and an investment exceeding £1 million across over a hundred surgeries, she firmly believes it’s a worthwhile pursuit for her happiness.

Unfortunately, Jessica faced a setback when her butt implants shifted out of place due to prematurely resuming her activities post-surgery. This setback required her to spend Christmas and New Year alone in a hospital in Istanbul, Turkey, undergoing further corrective procedures.

Jessica said in an interview: ‘Ever since January after having to spend Xmas and new year in the hospital after my butt implants displaced inside my muscles, I developed anxiety and fear to be alone at home.

‘I felt the need to go out in central London from Sunday to Sunday which lead me to drink more alcohol and gain few pounds, giving me a bloated look.

‘I wasn’t ok, I was short tempered and couldn’t sleep well and I had to acknowledge that and do something about it.

Jessica continued: ‘I packed my bags and fly to São Paulo Brazil where my family lives and where I have a lovely house. I then started an intensive holistic treatments including Reiki and Ayahasca indigenous tea therapy.

‘It helped me a lot and now I’m back to London feeling a new woman, calmer and energised.

‘I was with a type of depression after having surgeries after surgeries it felt like i was running a marathon that never ended but today I can confirm that I m done with plastic surgery.

Jessica admitted she now feels much happier with herself: ‘I am a beautiful woman inside and out with good few people around me and a great family.

‘I’m turning 40 soon and I shall celebrate it in Las Vegas with close friends I am very excited.

‘I am now strong and feeling good to go back to TV starting now in Spain’s ch5 then back to London and then mainland Europe.