Cristina Zenato is a lover of adventure. She also enjoys diving professionally in addition to her enjoyment of water – all things water, lakes, ponds, oceans, and beaches. Zenato has a passion for animals as well and would be willing to do anything possible to assist an animal in need. Zenato has a particular interest in sharks. She adores sharks so much that she frequently goes diving with them in their natural environment – the open ocean waters.

Recently, while diving, Zenato noticed something alarming – many of the sharks she was swimming with had fishhooks lodged in their mouths. She’s spent so much time around them that she isn’t afraid and wants to do whatever she can to help remove the hooks.

Zenato was compelled to aid all of the sharks in the region, and she resolved to utilize her hands to remove the hooks from their mouths and allow them to live pain-free life. The only difficulty with her strategy was that if she were going to be able to remove the hooks, she would need to put her hands inside the sharks’ mouths.

Sharks are well known for their incredibly sharp teeth. Did you know, on the other hand, that many sharks have five to fifteen rows of teeth, making it simpler for them to grasp their prey once they bite down? Some sharks may have as many as three thousand teeth in their mouths at any one moment.

Zenato realized the hazards, but she also knew that if she abandoned the sharks, there would be no one to assist them. Because Zenato had spent so much time with the sharks underwater, they had become her friends, and she learned to have faith in them.

When one shark allowed Christina to touch its mouth and pull out the hook sticking out of it, they became more affectionate. The sharks then began showing Zenato even more attention after she removed the excruciating hook. Now that she visits this pack of sharks when diving, they approach her and nudge her as a sign of love.

Zenato is delighted to be making friends with the sharks, but she is ecstatic to be able to assist them in removing the piercing hooks that are stuck in their mouths.

“When I remove the hooks, I feel happy, satisfied, and relieved,” she told The Dodo. “The other thing I notice is that as I start removing hooks from my known sharks, other sharks start showing up with hooks.”

Zenato passionately believes that the world misunderstands sharks. To her, they are gentle souls so long as you’re not on their menu.

“They’re very accepting. Sharks in general, in the world, are very tolerant of our presence entering their world.”