Neyleen Ashley, a 33-year-old social media influencer in Florida, is well aware of how crucial it is to have the proper “look.” As a result, the young woman has gone through many breast augmentation treatments since she was 18 years old. She has spent at least $17,500 on plastic surgery over the last 15 years in her tireless quest to acquire the “biggest breasts in the US,” thanks to doctors who implanted huge implants that are just within the legal limit.

However, because her enormous breast implants are causing her too much discomfort, Neyleen now desires them removed. Although she always desired a large-breasted physique like the one she has today, she can no longer live with the greatest breasts in the United States since they cause her too much suffering that it is unthinkable.

She went to a plastic surgeon when she was eighteen to have her breasts enlarged. She has had numerous operations since then, including implantation of the biggest permissible measurement in the United States, which she claims is 1,250 CC, equaling a G or H cup size.

Although the FDA does not have a legal limit on the size of breast implants, most plastic surgeons refuse to operate beyond 450 to 500 CC during operations. Neyleen, on the other hand, resides in Florida, where the cosmetic surgery profession is well renowned for going far above what is considered reasonable or safe.

The heavy implants, on the other hand, are now giving her excessive suffering. She has constant migraine headaches and excruciating body discomfort that manifests as relentless tension in her neck and back.

“I’ve always suffered from horrific migraines, but they got worse three years ago,” Neyleen said. “Almost every day, my upper shoulders and tendons have a lot of tension, and it feels like my shoulders and neck are stretched. My boobs also stop me from running and exercising. I plan on getting my implants completely removed and doing a fat draft, or just getting a smaller implant instead.”

If she wants to live a pain-free life, she must now remove them.

“Several doctors have advised me that it will be major surgery, where I will have a lot of scarring and tissue removed.”

When Neyleen, a woman from the United States who has developed large breasts, uploaded a film about her suffering on TikTok, she became an internet sensation. Her complaint regarding the discomfort induced by the largest breast in America received hundreds of thousands of likes on her post in which she denounced it.

Neyleen’s slogan is “Me getting the biggest legal implants you can get in the US” which she says across the screen.

She appears to be in pain as she takes a photo. Following are the words on the screen, “My constant back pains, migraines and wanting to remove them.”

Do you believe that this prominent Florida social media influencer will have her huge breasts removed?