An uproar has erupted at a Planet Fitness gym in Fairbanks, Alaska, where a woman’s membership was promptly revoked after she snapped a photo of what she described as a “man with a penis” in the women’s locker room. The incident, occurring just this week, has sparked debates over gym policies and the boundaries of gender identity.

Patricia Silva, the woman at the center of the controversy, recounted her experience in a series of videos posted on social media. According to Silva, she encountered an individual she identified as “queer LGB” engaging in grooming activities in the women’s locker room. Feeling unsettled by the situation, Silva voiced her discomfort and proceeded to take a photo of the individual, citing concerns for her safety.

Planet Fitness swiftly responded to the incident, stating that Silva’s actions violated the gym’s strict policy against photography in the locker room. In a statement to Fox News Digital, McCall Gosselin, the chief corporate affairs officer at Planet Fitness, emphasized the gym’s commitment to inclusivity while affirming their policy allowing members to use facilities aligning with their self-reported gender identity.

However, tensions escalated as Silva questioned the legitimacy of the individual’s gender identity and the gym’s response to her concerns. She highlighted a subsequent encounter involving a young girl in the locker room, expressing distress over the presence of what she perceived as a male-identifying individual.

In a video update, Silva revealed that Planet Fitness had terminated her membership, sparking further outrage over what she sees as prioritizing the rights of transgender individuals over the safety and comfort of others.

The incident has reignited discussions surrounding transgender policies, with questions raised about the implementation of such policies in public spaces. Critics argue that while inclusivity is important, it should not come at the expense of compromising the safety and privacy of all gym members.

Planet Fitness, for its part, maintains its stance on fostering an inclusive environment but faces criticism for its handling of the situation and alleged failure to address Silva’s concerns adequately.

As debates continue to swirl, the Fairbanks gym incident serves as a microcosm of broader societal tensions surrounding gender identity, privacy rights, and the evolving landscape of inclusivity in public spaces.