Jessica Weber, who lives in Peru, Illinois, once had a serious weight problem. She weighed 383 pounds at her heaviest point. Her weight struggles were brought on by a serious addiction to food. She used to eat two dinners every night. Jessica’s health started to suffer as the result of her weight, so she decided that she was going to make a change in her life. She underwent gastric bypass surgery in January 2016. She has already lost half of her body weight.

Jessica is now using her weight loss to inspire others. She posted health and fitness advice on her Instagram page. She stated that she follows a diet that is high in protein and vegetables. She admitted that she did not eat healthy in the past. Jessica lived on meat and starches. She struggled with her weight most of her life and being made fun of by other people had a negative impact on her self esteem.

Jessica stated that when she looks back at her old pictures, she cannot believe how big she was. She also feels sad when she looks at old pictures because she feels like she wasted years of her life. Jessica stated that the surgery completely changed her life. Her stomach is the size of a banana, so she can only eat about four ounces of food at a time.