A Manhattan woman is suing Zara USA after finding a dead rat sewn inside her dress.

Carly Fiesel, 24, of Midtown, bought the $40 Turkish-made dress from Zara USA’s Greenwich, Connecticut location in July. But soon after purchase, she discovered the rat.

“I saw the little leg that was coming out of the seam that I had touched, which was really horrifying. I froze — I was paralyzed with fear.” The discovery occurred while she was wearing the black scooped-neck dress for the first time at the talent agency where she works.

A “disturbingly pungent odor” predated the find. As she walked around, “I felt something brushing up against my leg and thought it was a string from the seam of the dress,” Fiesel stated. “When I went to pull at it, it didn’t feel like a string.

I then felt the hem of the dress and it felt like there was some sort of sensor … I turned up the seam of the dress and saw it was not a sensor and that it was a mouse.”Fiesel later developed a rash that was diagnosed as “rodent-born disease.”

As a result, she is suing Zara USA for unspecified damages. “She’s been a wreck ever since,” said Adam Deutsch, Fiesel’s attorney. “She should be compensated for what she went through.”