Who is the real mastermind behind Christmas magic? Santa may get all of the glory, but parents – and more often than not, moms – are really working hard to make it happen.

This mom showed off her Christmas spirit on TikTok, sharing stories of all the amazing gifts she got for her children this year. In contrast to that dedication, however; unfortunately, not a single present was given by her husband in return!

In her initial post on the subject, she shared a video emphasizing that “I know I’m not the only mom who woke up Christmas morning with not a single present under the tree for them as you watched your kids and husband unwrap the presents you spent all month stressing over.”

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Countless moms could identify with her video, remarking that they too experienced nothing for Christmas unless it was something bought by them. One individual commented, “This happened to me. It wasn’t that I didn’t get a gift, it’s that no one even noticed that I didn’t have a gift.”

Another said, “Thank you for this post. I feel less alone in the world.”

Other TikTok users explained that the real pain comes from being aware whether or not someone took a moment to think of you – more so than actually receiving a gift.

Have you been acquainted with The Five Love Languages? If not, it’s an idea that there are five different ways we experience feeling cherished. Every individual has a dominant love language, and one of these is known as ‘Gifts.’ It looks like the person in this video had Gifts at the top of their list – however unfortunately for them, gifts didn’t appear to be prioritized by their partner.

Following her post, she expressed extreme gratitude for the “positive and uplifting comments.” Continuing her story, she disclosed that it has been seven years of marriage with no presents received from her husband. While this situation bothered her on some level, being a mother softened this irritation as she prefered to put all efforts into raising their children.

We are confident that her primary love language is Gifts due to the following reasons. She stated, “Getting something from your husband it just makes you feel special and loved and appreciated.” True to the Gifts spirit! If you’re not of a gifts-oriented personality, pay attention – thoughtful presents are crucial.

After describing the misfortunes her family has “gone through a lot in the past 2 years” including “loss” and “sadness.” She optimistically assumed that these hardships would inspire her husband to make Christmas, especially special for her. But unfortunately, this was not the case.

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In her second post, she further specified what sorrow and loss she was alluding to. Her mother passed away in 2021 at just 45 years of age, while only 20 weeks pregnant that same year, Covid sent her to the hospital – where after two weeks of care, her beloved baby had been stolen from her ever-lasting arms. The holidays arrived too soon; a time for celebration submerged beneath waves of anguish and mourning instead.

She continued, “Moms make the magic happen most of the time.” She declared to her husband that they should make this Christmas more special since the last one was difficult. She admitted that going through recent hardship made her cherish life even further and she believed it would cause him to show his gratitude for her too. In return, she expected at least one gift from him as a sign of appreciation!

This Christmas, she didn’t hold back in spoiling her kids with an abundance of gifts. She went all out and said that it was the best ever – yet sadly her husband didn’t get her even one present. This oversight left her feeling rightfully offended and incensed at being so overlooked.

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If you can relate to never receiving a gift from your significant other, we recommend expressing that gifts are meaningful and make you feel adored. Let them know how much they mean to you especially at particular times of the year like Christmas. If your partner is exceptionally bad at buying presents, Amazon’s wish list option could be used as an easy starting point! By sending them a link with some desired items, it will help give direction for what types of gifts would be suitable for any occasion.

Here’s to celebrating the extraordinary moms who create so much magic in our lives!