Tragically, a young mother of five in Texas was killed while bravely protecting her 11-year-old daughter from bullies outside their home. As reported by the authorities and confirmed by her family, she died after being struck by a car.

On the evening of January 11, Ashley Lopez – a 28-year-old resident of San Antonio – tragically lost her life in a street fight that was sparked by bullies of her 11-year-old daughter. According to KENS 5, these same bullies were waiting outside her home when they began their assault.

“My granddaughter was being bullied from kids from school,” Ana Blanco, Lopez’s mother, spoke to the news station.

Blanco reported that her daughter Lopez courageously interjected when the 11-year-old’s bullies sparked a huge confrontation in the neighborhood.

Pennie Gomez, aged 36, grew more and more incensed as the argument intensified until she climbed into her silver Hyundai Sonata and deliberately drove over two women. Tragically Lopez was killed in the incident while another woman sustained wounds.

According to the arrest affidavit, at least five witnesses corroborated that Gomez deliberately drove his vehicle into a throng of people.

“People were hitting the car, telling her stop and that [Lopez] was under there and she wouldn’t stop,” stated Blanco.

Gomez persisted in her driving, dragging both women with the car for several feet before quickly making an escape. Cellphone footage provided to law enforcement backed up what the witnesses had reported.

The grieved family of the murdered mother claimed to be unaware of Gomez, yet assumed her daughter was residing at Lopez’s residence when the fatal crash happened.

“To our recollection, [Lopez and Gomez] were not fighting. There was nothing between them, no bad blood,” stated Lopez’s sister-in-law Andrea Mata.

Afterward, the police apprehended Gomez in association with Lopez’s death.

After a detailed investigation, authorities uncovered outstanding warrants for Gomez’s arrest on murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charges. Additionally, she will be charged with drug possession offenses. The active warrants were filed Thursday.