Tara Jayne McConachy may work as a nurse, but she is recognized for her “human Barbie doll” physique. Tara has been through more than $200,000 of cosmetic surgery to appear like a kid’s toy, including five breast augmentations, six nose jobs, and numerous doses of lip filler and Botox injections.

The thirty-three-year-old Instagram veteran was spotted on the streets of Melbourne, Australia. She first rose to social media stardom after her appearance on E! reality show Botched, which chronicles individuals who have undergone plastic surgery and are dissatisfied with the results. The “human Barbie doll” was out in Melbourne with her mother for lunch at Crown Melbourne’s high-end Nobu restaurant.

On Instagram, Tara has amassed a following of nearly 144,000 people. She also appeared on Todd Sampson’s headline-making documentary series Mirror Mirror, according to a report in Daily Mail. The docu-series followed Australians like Tara who are “obsessed” with plastic surgery procedures and treatments.

Tara refers to herself as an “upgraded limited-edition Barbie doll” in the docuseries. She also complains about how her E-cup breasts are not as large as she desires them to be.

“I think I want to get my boobs bigger,” she stated.

Tara went on the E! reality show Botched hoping that Drs. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow would further enhance the size of her augmented breasts.

“Everything is tiny on me except for my tatas… I’m on a quest for a bigger chest!” the Australian influencer said. “I currently have 540 CCs [of breast implant silicone], and I’m just not happy with them at all.”

Tara, who appeared on the show in a bikini, stated she had a “rippling effect” on her skin around her breasts and that she hoped by “filling out the space more,” the problem would just go away.

However, the Botched doctors told Tara that her weight was dangerously low and that giving her larger breast implants would not be safe.

“I’m really concerned about Tara’s overall wellbeing,” Dr. Nassif stated. “Not just as it relates to surgery, but she really needs to get both physically and mentally healthy.”

Even though she didn’t have the backing of the Botched physicians, she vowed that she would never give up trying to attain her ideal body.

“There is no limit for me when it comes to plastic surgery. It is incredibly addictive, and I already want bigger breasts,” she stated. “As soon as travel is permitted, I have plans to go back overseas to visit my surgeon and get my breast size increased to 1500cc [from their current 1050ccc].”

She continued, “Plastic surgery is how I do that, and that’s what makes me happy. It gives me the confidence to be the best version of myself.”

Tara’s social media following isn’t limited to Instagram anymore. She now has an OnlyFans account where she charges viewers per post. In her first three days on the site, she made $10,000 dollars.