After a protracted legal battle with her ex-husband, 73-year-old billionaire Abdelaziz bin Khalifa Al Thani and uncle of the current Emir of Qatar, 45-year-old former princess Kasia Gallanio was tragically found dead at her Marbella home. During this custody fight she bravely exposed allegations that he had molested one of their three children. Although details surrounding her cause of death are unconfirmed, it appears to be due to an unfortunate drug overdose.

Thani, eldest son of the former Emir Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani and current finance minister, has been accused by Kasia, his ex-wife, of sexually assaulting one of their three daughters. However, he staunchly denies such allegations.

Last month, Gallanio said: “We had some bad news last week which I was absolutely devastated about. It was alleged in court that her father had touched her inappropriately, which is going to go into an investigation.”

After publicly accusing her former Qatari prince ex-husband, the socialite Kasia was shockingly discovered dead in Spain at home. Described as a vivacious partygoer who often surrounded herself with celebrities, she made headlines when attending actor Sofia Vergara’s and Joe Manganiello’s wedding back in 2015. Her demise was reportedly due to an overdose of drugs on Sunday morning.

When the Spanish police arrived at Kasia’s residence, her body was located on her bed with no evidence of physical abuse or attack. Her youngest daughter had been calling from Paris for days without a response and thus notified Spanish officials of the issue.

Around 8 am on Sunday, the doorman of the Marbella apartment complex permitted Spanish officers to search Kasia’s home where they discovered her deceased in bed.

Speaking out in a Women’s World interview, Kasia revealed details of her past life as the wife of a Qatari prince.

“Two of my daughters are twins. They wanted to live with me, so he cut contact with them as a punishment. It’s very sad because children need both parents. The little one is not allowed to talk to me, which makes me extremely sad because she gets a lot of material things from her father, so it’s almost like manipulation and blackmail. It’s like a part of my body is missing.”

Kasia, a native of Los Angeles with Polish roots, met Abdelaziz when she was only nineteen and married the Qatari man in 2004.

In the wake of her passing, a friend confided to Olive Press that the ex-Qatari princess was a “good person” who was “against drugs” and had no history of alcohol abuse.

“I knew her very, very well and am devastated at the news,” Louis Spagnuolo said. “She was a very good person, and those who knew her loved her. She loved her daughters beyond belief and would never leave them. She was dead against drugs and was never an alcoholic.”