Recently, food service workers have been taking to social media in order to reveal their employer’s secrets. @AtlantaDelivers – an international delivery driver on TikTok – posted a contentious video and has now declared that her local McDonald’s restaurant in the U.K. has barred her from entering its premises again. In the TikTok video, the delivery driver divulged that she had been waiting at a McDonald’s in England for twenty-five minutes before deciding it was no longer worth her time and reluctantly departing without any food from the restaurant.

In her TikTok video, @AtlantaDelivers condemned the workers at the McDonald’s location for their lack of efficiency. She was looking to get a quick order and had to wait almost thirty minutes before realizing that it would not come through after all. This inexcusable experience has forced her to take matters into her own hands by publicly calling out these workers for failing as customers’ service providers.

Her video has become a sensation, racking up over three million views and counting. People have connected to her message – yet McDonald’s was angry with this delivery driver for airing their grievances on TikTok.

“I’ve just been banned from my Mcdonald’s,” Atlanta said. “I walked in… [an employee] looked at me for a second, then she was like, ‘we can’t serve you. You’re not allowed in here.’”

In Atlanta’s video, you may spot a slew of delivery drivers inside the McDonald’s restaurant eagerly awaiting for their orders to be prepared. Unfortunately, though, these workers are moving too slowly and not quickly fulfilling customers’ orders – causing drivers to miss out on opportunities to make money by delivering instead of standing around in the restaurant.

Discouraged by the prolonged wait, Atlanta eventually surrendered her order.

“I give up with that order, there getting nun (nothing) ready, there’s no one doing deliveries, it’s now 2:59 p.m., so I’ve been there for 25 minutes. Absolutely nothing.”

After declining the McDonald’s order, Atlanta heads to her next destination: a Starbucks location. When the time arrives for Atlanta to pick up her next order from this particular McDonald’s, she is shocked to be greeted by a livid employee who snarls at her, “We’re not allowed to give you orders anymore.”

On TikTok, many users posted their grievances against McDonald’s. Individuals reported similar issues they faced at the Atlanta location, as well as other McDonald’s locations across the country. The online outcry was a testament to how widespread this problem is amongst customers of all ages and backgrounds.

One person wrote, “As a driver myself, I know as soon as I get a McDonald’s order, I’m going to be waiting. The McDonald’s delivery system SERIOUSLY needs revising.”

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