The nook under a staircase seems like an inappropriate location for the bedroom of a budding young wizard, but it is just perfect for a Chihuahua. The aunt of Imgur user Fatisbac created just such a place, and the pictures of the dog-sized bedroom are fantastic.

The miniature bedroom comes completely furnished and decorated, with all items scaled down to suit the size of a small dog. It features a very functional bed with a bronze-colored headboard and footboard, frame, and tiny mattress, atop which rests a Mickey Mouse blanket.

The room appears bright and well-lit by an unseen light source, and the flooring consists of very tasteful marble-textured tiles. Just like any other bedroom, it comes with a door in order to provide extra privacy, but due to the canine nature of its tenant, it comes prebuilt with its own doggie door.

On the other side of the room sits a 3-drawer bureau with a tiny ceramic leprechaun hat and lamp on top. For added culture and sophistication, the classic painting, Dogs Playing Poker, hangs from the wall just above the bureau. An antler-shaped wall ornament hangs elsewhere and serves as a hat rack for a festive blue sombrero.