On Wednesday’s episode, Whoopi and the panel debated if an internet connection is a real relationship.

They discussed Adam Levine’s recent cheating scandal and offered their thoughts on the situation.

When she heard he intended to name his child after his lover, Whoopi was shocked.

Then she became weary of it and asked. “Why do we have to participate? Why is The View participating? That’s what I want to know.”

As co-hosts Sara Haines, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Alyssa Farah Griffin continued to talk about Levine’s scandal, she pretended to fall asleep.

She put her head down and shut her eyes.

The camera then zoomed in on her and she appeared to nearly fall out of her chair from boredom, at one point.

Whoopi eventually “woke up” and took the show to a commercial break.

Despite the fact that the studio audience giggled at her gimmick, fans on the internet did not find it amusing.

Whoopi’s fans on Twitter were not happy with her behavior and quickly took to the platform to voice their displeasure.

“Whoopi ‘sleeping’ during the Adam Levine segment… so rude & disrespectful, taking the audience’s attention away the woman who are doing their JOB talking about the topic. #TheView,” one person said.

A second person wrote: “Why exactly does Whoopi get paid millions of dollars? She brings nothing to the show & her pretending to sleep while the other hosts speak, is disrespectful & rude. #TheView.”

“If Whoopi doesn’t want to talk about something, don’t talk then, don’t just derail the segment. #TheView” tweeted another.

A disgruntled fan said: “Whoopi, I understand you all get ‘Hot Topics’ you don’t wanna discuss but the job is to give your opinion and Adam Levine is a Hot Topic right now. You would not want a host to complain the whole segment about a topic you chose so you should give them the same respect. #TheView.”

“I LOVE how the ADULTS at the table carried on about the Adam Levine story and the CHILD sat there looking like a brat who didn’t want to play because she couldn’t have her way. Whoopi is CHILDISH! #theview,” said another stated.

Some fans, however, did agree and took to Twitter to voice their opinion.: “We’re all Whoopi on the Adam Levine ‘hot’ topic. #TheView.”

“I’m with Whoopi on this. Next story. #TheView” wrote another user.

Separately this week, Instagram model Sumner Stroh asserted that she and Adam had a year-long Virtual relationship through DMs and texts.

After Sumner revealed private messages between her and Marron 5’s frontman, he denied any physical relationship between them.

The announcement was made just days after Victoria’s Secret angel Behati Prinsloo, 34, announced she is expecting their third kid.

Sumner’s confession garnered 15 million views within 24 hours after she posted it to TikTok.

The Texan model captioned the video: “Embarrassed I was involved with a man with this utter lack of remorse and respect.”

She stated: “Essentially, I was having an affair with a man who is married to Victoria’s Secret supermodel.

“At the time, I was young and naïve. And I mean, quite frankly, I feel exploited.

“I wasn’t in the scene like I am now, so I was definitely easily manipulated.

Sumner also showed screenshots of direct messages from the married rocker’s official Instagram account, which has 15 million followers.

He allegedly said to her: “It is truly unreal how f***ing hot you are. Like it blows my mind.

“You are 50 times hotter in person.”

Sumner stated that they had been “seeing each other for about a year”, but she did not give an exact time frame.

According to her, he re-contacted her recently through Instagram DMs to inquire about a subject that left her shocked.

Levine said: “Ok serious question. I’m having another baby and if it’s [a] boy I really wanna name it Sumner.

“You ok with that? DEAD serious.”

The messages made her feel like “I have to be in hell at this point.”

She continued: “I mean my morals were unknowingly compromised. I was completely manipulated.”

The model said she spoke out because she didn’t want the story coming from another source.

She said she had sent the screenshots to a friend, who threatened to release them.