We live in an age where social media controls it all. Social media can even be the backbone of most uproars. That was the case here when one simple photo of a disgruntled exhausted employee’s resignation letter taped to the speaker of the drive-thru he operates, went viral everywhere. Because of this employee’s actions, real change has started to become developed in the workplace environment. Everyone knows the feeling of being overworked. That exhausted, agitated, borderline angry feeling you get when you are just ready to get something over with and leave. Nine times out of ten, when you’re having that feeling, you’re either at work or at school. No matter the setting, you get tired enough of something, you’re bound to blow up. Fast-food jobs are the most common places that scenes like that are created. Where exaggerated measures are being taken to prove a point.

It was at a McDonald’s in Kentucky, that social media user “@greatapedad”, spotted the paper with the words “We are closed because I am quitting, and I hate this job”, printed on it, taped to the drive-through speaker. He had just pulled in to order some food for his wife. He snapped a quick photo of the sign and posted it to Twitter, not expecting more than a few likes and laughs. When he checked back moments later, the photo had gone viral. People everywhere wanted to know the back story of this iconic letter left by this unknown character. This went on for a while on social media to the story hit the news, everyone wants to know what could cause someone to leave like this. Because of the power of the general public, the media was able to deduce that the note was left by the shift manager who was left to fend off the store, that Saturday night. This event has led more employees in different franchises to follow suit and walk out of their jobs in the middle of their workdays to take a stand on the disadvantages there is working in the fast-food industry. With the pandemic, fast food workers are putting themselves on the line every day for the needs of their customers but are being paid below average.

Employees everywhere have decided to take a stand, resulting in many companies reevaluating some of their policies and even raise the pay rate to better suit the responsibilities placed on the ones that have to come into work every day. McDonald’s has been the main restaurant trending for its drastic change in policy. They moved the pay rate up to new hires being back to make 11-17 dollars an hour and managers would be able to make 15-20 dollars an hour now depending on which location it is, due to the pay increase they have implemented. Fast food jobs now are taking the time out to actually try and treat their employees with a little more class in the aspect of making sure they are getting what they are worth. One small note posted on the internet was able to make a change that affected the whole world in an instant. It’s almost crazy how social media can really aid in the rise of a revolution.