In a recent message to his employees, Wayfair CEO Niraj Shah has urged them not to shy away from putting in longer hours and embracing a blend of work and personal life, now that the online retail giant has regained its profitability. This message comes as a refreshing take on leadership during the holiday season when many executives are thanking their staff for their dedication.

“Winning requires hard work,” Shah wrote in a note celebrating Wayfair’s recent success, as reported by Business Insider. “I believe that most of us, being ambitious individuals, find fulfillment in the joy of seeing our efforts materialize into tangible results.”

Shah’s call for longer hours and a more integrated work-life approach was met with applause from those who share his conservative viewpoint. He emphasized that working diligently and being responsive to the company’s needs should not be seen as something to shy away from. Shah’s philosophy centers around the belief that success is not handed to those who rest on their laurels.

In his message, Shah also encouraged employees to be mindful of how they spend company resources and to actively negotiate deals that can bring down costs. His emphasis on financial prudence resonated with many, as he challenged his team to scrutinize expenses, ask themselves if they would personally spend money on certain items, and negotiate prices when possible.

Shah’s directive comes after a year of challenges for Wayfair. In 2022, the company faced a drop in profits as brick-and-mortar stores reopened across the nation, leading to a 5% reduction in its workforce. However, Shah’s recent email suggests a brighter outlook for the company.

“Together we can win much faster than we are winning now if we all row in this direction together,” he wrote. “Let’s be aggressive, pragmatic, frugal, agile, customer-oriented, and smart.”

Wayfair, founded by Niraj Shah in 2002, has seen its fortunes fluctuate over the years. During the pandemic, the online retailer experienced rapid growth as thousands of consumers turned to e-commerce for their furniture and home goods needs. But the challenges of 2022 did not deter Shah, who remains committed to steering the company toward sustained success.

Despite the backlash from some quarters, including economic professor Nicolas Bloom, who suggested that significantly longer workweeks should come with substantial salary increases, Shah’s message remains a beacon for those who believe in the value of hard work and dedication.

In conclusion, Wayfair CEO Niraj Shah’s call for employees to put in longer hours and embrace a blend of work and life comes at a time when the company is on the path to profitability once more. Shah’s commitment to diligent work, fiscal responsibility, and a customer-centric approach highlights his conservative leadership style, which many find inspiring and commendable. With a renewed sense of purpose, Wayfair is poised to continue its journey toward success under Shah’s guidance.