Puerto Rico is a place where you can see stunning views of the beach. La Perla and Flamenco Beach are two of the most popular locations in the area. Playa Puerto Nuevo is a beach that looks more like a lagoon. The water is clear, and it is surrounded by rocks that rise up above the water.

While you’re at the beach, you’ll see that there is plenty of smooth sand to walk on and a large waterfall to view. If you stay long enough, you’ll also see a spectacular view that happens every few moments. A large wave seems to come from nowhere, cascading over the rocks and into the lagoon. If the rocks weren’t there, then the water would probably wash the beach away.

It’s nature designed at it’s finest as the rocks protect the beach area. There are colors of blue, white and green that combine to create a beautiful image. It can be a little frightening until you become accustomed to the water that crashes along the rocks. Aside from the waves, there is a picnic area and plenty of space for people to run and play on the sand, making for a perfect afternoon on the beach.