The cucamelon is one of the newest fruits that have been discovered. It’s small and adorable for a piece of fruit. The taste is also something to enjoy. They look like small watermelons in the shape and color. However, the fruit is comparable to the size of a grape. It’s a fruit that is a cross between a cucumber and a watermelon, but it has a citrus taste.
The fruit is commonly found in Mexico and Central America, but it’s making it’s way into the lower portions of the United States. Another fun fruit to enjoy is the dwarf pineapple. It looks just like a pineapple, but it’s very small in size. Colors of the pineapple include yellow and pink.

While the pineapple is tasty, it’s hard to handle as the outside is prickly. They are sometimes difficult to eat, so many people use them in floral arrangements or as accents for foods. Mini bananas have also been seen in many grocery stores. They have a sweeter taste, but they are a little harder to peel. They are marketed by Chiquita and come in small bunches. The mini bananas are ideal for children who want a snack but won’t eat an entire banana.