A waitress in San Antonio, Texas received a $2000 tip, but couldn’t cash it in. The restaurant refused to pay any tip over $500. At the Red Hook Seafood & Bar, management told waitress Emily Bauer she would not be receiving her $2000.

After a rough shift and many apologies to customers, Bauer was thrilled to receive the tip, thinking only of her children and Christmas coming up. But it was not to be. The manager informed her that the restaurant couldn’t process the large amount, since their system wouldn’t take any tip over $500. Other wait staff suggested 4 payments of $500, but the restaurant discouraged this line of thinking. Because it was paid for by credit card, the amount could not be fudged without the customer’s permission. The card would have had to be used 4 different times.

The customer did call in to complain about Bauer not receiving her proper tip, but the manager did not take his information down. Bauer lost her tip and couldn’t believe it. She now wonders if the $500 limit should have been posted around the restaurant. She posted the ticket on Facebook to let the customer know she appreciated his kindness and consideration.