Car owners know all too well the problems with having a vehicle with cracked leather seats.

However, a new viral video from Sweet Project Cars shows owners how to quickly fix those seats in less than 10 minutes. In the video, the narrator uses a mixture of paint and Lacquer Thinner as a first coat to improve the look of the cracked seat.

“What the Lacquer thinner does is it actually brings the paint in the seat up,” the narrator says. The first step to solving the cracked leather is to locate a color of paint that perfectly matches the color of the car seat. Then, after the spraying the paint on a rag, the video suggests that Lacquer thinner be used on top of the paint.

Finally, after folding the rag, rubbing in the seat with the rag can solve the cracked leather. After a few minutes, the car seat looks far more presentable than it originally was.

“As you see, it looks a million times better than it was cracked up,” the narrator said. The narrator also suggest using some sealer, a leather conditioner, or a 303 protectant to make sure that the leather seat remains in good condition.