On the day of Kelly’s wedding, she repeatedly complained of a pain in her head. As the day progressed, people mentioned that she was asking strange, as she was complaining about pain “inside her brain.”

Kelly’s mother continued to grow more concerned until she finally enlisted the help of a psychiatrist who could sit down with Kelly before the wedding.

Kelly’s mom had become concerned that her daughter was severely anxious about her impending wedding, and that the anxiety was manifesting as a psychotic breakdown.

Dr. Panacek was able to come to the assistance of the mother and daughter and was able to sit down with the two. When Dr. Panacek decided to investigate the bride’s scalp, he discovered that the mother’s suspicious had been completely wrong and that the Doctor’s were completely right, as he quickly found the cause of Kelly’s intense pain.

As Kelly screamed in pain, and her mother stood by her side, the doctor removed from Kelly’s head a botfly larvae measuring a centimeter long that had been growing inside of her scalp.

It turns out that Kelly had been bitten by a mosquito on her recent trip to Costa Rica for her bachelorette party.

She had attempted to heal the bite by covering it in petroleum jelly; however, eggs had already been laid inside the bite, which she actually sealed with the jelly.

Botfly are very rare in the states, and Kelly is certainly lucky that Dr. Panacek followed his hunch and checked her scalp!