You can almost count on outliving your pet when you are a pet owner. It may be one of the most devastating experiences in anyone’s life to witness their dog or cat die. It’s very similar to witnessing the death of a family member or close friend. The look in their eyes, which seem to imply that they want to stay with you and don’t want to die, will undoubtedly break your heart.

That is probably why so many pet owners want to wait outside while their pets are put down. One veterinarian recently weighed in on the subject, while others have joined in to appeal to pet owners.

When one woman named Jessi went to the veterinarian hospital with her cat Rick, the truth about this was exposed. Jessi said that she adored her pet and despite his small size, he had a wonderful personality.

She described her cat as a lovely house pet that everyone would want to hug when they got home from work.

Rick, the black and white cat, was just two and a half years old. He had to go to the vet at least twice a month due on his urinary tract. Even though he wasn’t in agony, Jessi constantly took him to the veterinarian for examination and treatment.

The cat’s condition had deteriorated to the point where it was on the verge of death, owing to a blockage in the system, and the veterinarian had been forced to perform emergency surgery. Despite this, Rick was at an increased risk of catching the illness throughout his life as a result of the operation.

Jessi started a conversation with the veterinarian one day during her Rick’s normal check-up, and what he said shattered her heart. She vowed to devote every single minute she could give her cat all of the love she had, and that she would be there for him when it was time to leave. She posted on Facebook to voice her worry and share the vet’s message with people all around the world.

When Jessi asked the veterinarian what was the most challenging part of his job, she wasn’t expecting him to respond that it was when he had to kill animals. Instead, he said that it was whenever he had to kill animals. Their owners would frequently be unavailable, which meant they would spend their final moments searching for them but without the consolation of being held by their dearest friends.

When she shared this on social media, it went viral a few days later, with thousands and thousands of likes and shares. Some veterinarians added their voices to the mix, emphasizing the importance of being the center of one’s pet’s life and the last thing they saw before they died.

Jessie vowed to herself and her cat that if she had to take him over to be put down, she would hold him and snuggle with him throughout the process while nearby using her favorite toys so he did not die looking for her. No matter how sad it makes you feel, be there for your pet at the end of his life.