One of the hardest things about being a pet owner is coming to terms with the fact that your furry friend will not be around as long as you are. Having to watch your pet die and witness their last moments could very well be one of the saddest experiences in anyone’s life. It feels like watching a family member or close friend pass away. You can see the pain and understanding breeds loyalty in their eyes – as if they are trying to communicate that they don’t want to leave you behind and die. This moment is sure to break even the harshest person’s heart into pieces.

That’s probably why many pet owners choose to wait in the car as their dogs are put down. One veterinarian recently shed some light on this subject, and others have since joined in to urge pet owners.

When one woman named Jessi posted a PSA on social media about her cat Rick’s visit to the veterinarian hospital, the light was shed on this subject. Jessi stated that she adored her pet and despite his small size, he had a charming personality.

She described her cat as the perfect pet for anyone who wants a furry friend to cuddle with at the end of a long day.

Jessi, the beautiful bright-eyed blonde, and her black and white cat, Rick, were both only two and a half years old. He had recurring issues with his urinary tract and got UTIs at least twice a month. Even though he was never truly in agony, Jessi frequently took him to the doctor for checkups and appropriate medication.

The cat had almost died from a blockage in the system approximately a year and a half ago, and the veterinarian had to perform emergency surgery, but it was successful, implying that Rick would have an increased chance of infection throughout his life.

After taking her cat, Rick, to the vet for a routine check-up, Jessi was distraught by what the doctor said. She promised herself that she would spend as much time as possible loving on him and being there for him when it was time for him to go. She turned to Facebook to share her story and raise awareness about how precious life is.

The vet told Jessi that the hardest part of his job was putting down animals. Most times, their owners would not be around, and they would spend their last moments looking around for them and not finding the comfort of being held by their closest friends.

She posted this on social media, and it went viral a few days later with thousands of likes and shares. Some veterinarians chimed in and expressed similar worries, stressing that people must be the center of their pet’s attention until the end.

Jessi made a vow to herself and her cat that if she had to transport him to be put down, she would hold and cuddle him throughout the procedure, with her favorite toys close by, so he wouldn’t die looking for her. No matter how emotional it makes you feel, be there for your pet at the end of his life.