On days when the kids forget their lunchboxes and you are rushing out of the door wearing two different shoes, starting your day with an early morning alarm can feel like a mad dash. But on other occasions, prepping for work and getting ready looks easy-peasy! Is this just us?

Not only regular people but also renowned news anchors struggle with mornings that don’t always go as planned. It’s not just about lunchboxes and shoes; it’s about the unforgiving reality of morning mishaps!

On one fateful day, Savannah Guthrie’s morning routine was anything but typical. She had to wake up before the crack of dawn for her job at the TODAY show – something she is already a master at managing- yet this particular morning proved even more challenging than usual!

Guthrie revealed that she had to rise bright and early at 3:30 am in order to cheer on her friend Roger Federer as he played in the Australian Open. Unfortunately, the tennis star lost his match, but Guthrie light-heartedly suggested that it could have been because of how early she’d woken up! Her comment was met with laughter after her own on-air blunder.

What did Guthrie do? She unknowingly put her dress on backwards, and it wasn’t until she felt like something was off that she realized the situation. As the front of her clothing was now positioned at the back, Guthrie felt a stifling sensation as if something was strangling her neck due to its height. Fortunately, nobody had caught on before she mentioned anything; otherwise, they would’ve known what happened!

Guthrie confirmed that the dress was not only choking her but it was also worn backwards; she then showed this live on air by tugging on the neckline to reveal that the brand tag had been positioned in front instead of at the back.

Disastrously for Guthrie, she didn’t catch her dress was backwards until it was almost time to appear on-air. She had no opportunity to fix the blunder before the first hour of the program concluded, but as soon as she had a chance to repair her look in her dressing room, Guthrie acted quickly and felt much more relaxed after that!

Have you ever experienced the embarrassment of wearing two different shoes or putting your outfit on backwards?