When models travel, to say they do it in style would be understating the brevity of the situation. This was no different for Johana Gomez when she traveled to Turks and Caicos about a month ago. Chronicled on her populated Instagram page, which features upwards of 150,000 followers, the trip showcased a week in the lap of luxury. The island that Johana stayed on was a private venue, featuring a walk-up to an seaside beach house. The decor of the beach house was decked out in all sorts of nautical intrigue, bringing that true, seaside vibe to every photo she was able to capture. Johana was even afforded the opportunity to bring two of her fury friends with her on her journey. Her dog and cat can be seen throughout the highlighted portions of her dream vacation.

Most of her posts started with some sort of ocean connection. Whether it was sun rise or sun down, she would take many different pictures with the ocean view in clear sight. She even chronicled some video bits with her dog, her in the ocean, and some of the appetizing foods she indulged on. Most of her photos also placed her beautiful looks into the transition. Her story highlights a journey that she was allowed to embark on with a few of her friends, both pets and humans. Her girlfriend can often be seen paired in the photos with her. Her friend endows some similar attributes and look that this Brazilian model holds, keeping her fans interested into what the pair would embark on each day they posted.

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Her trip is completely trailed on Instagram’s highlight feed. The feed allowed for Johnana to feature daily portions of her journey as a small video bit, picture collage, or other such creation. Johana was able to foster her creativity through the use of this platform and outreach for nearly 150,000 followers. Followers were also encouraged to comment and interact with her posts. Some of the posts even brought some conversation out of Johana, personalizing the experience for her fans and making them feel as if they were on the vacation with her. This is just one of many of the different trips that this Brazilian superstar has been able to embark upon over the past few years. She has done modeling shoots in many different countries, keeping her roots heavily vested into all she does.

She never forgets where she came from, which is why sharing and keeping communication lines open is the way she continues to operate her life. She believes that personal likeness is created through a long service of helping others and keeping others included within the conversation. If you asked her, she would say she is just like any other woman, never letting the idea of fame and spotlight overtake the person she has become today. If you scale through her other Instagram portions, you will find other luxurious trips that come close to rivaling her latest vacation. It seems as if Johana consistently tries to out-do herself in terms of vacation spots and the fun she enjoys when traveling to these exotic locations. Check back with her Instagram often to find out where she’ll wind up next.