Being an up-and-coming talent within the UFC usually means you are good at backyard brawling. This is far from the case when it comes to the career setting that Carly Carly has stumbled upon. Carly is a UFC ring girl, meaning she struts her stuff after the completion of each round, keeping a number held high above her head as a signaler for fans. Her signaling duties have created notice when it comes to fans of the extreme sport, keeping eyes heavily posted each time she takes a twirl around the ring. Outside of the octagon, Carly is beloved by her fans for her down-to-earth attitude and a personality to match.

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This sporty blonde was held within a very active lifestyle, extending from her early beginnings. Carly spent a majority of her time working on her physical make-up and inspiring others to do the same. Carly is a personal trainer and has worked with some of the major brands in the fitness world. Working as the face of the UFC has also allowed Carly to embrace the idea of marketing for major supplement companies and other populated brand in the fitness industry. Posting her likeness as a symbol for success, Carly is heavily involved on many different social media platforms, with Instagram embarking as her primary source of content streaming. Carly is a very socially active person, keeping most of her voice her on things that she holds important to her. One of her biggest strives is to keep people moving, despite current conditions. She says that we all face our downfalls and pitfalls from time to time, but it is established within our response as to what kind of person we can be. As an advocate for standing up to diversity, Carly hopes to inspires others to stake their voices within the conversation.

When Bake is not involved within the ring, she can be found relaxing at many different exotic locations. This youngster in her mid-20s is making the most of opportunities forwarded in her direction. She is consistently featured for photo-shoots utilizing the UFC branding. She also models on the side for some amateur companies, with swimsuit and picturesque scenes comprising a majority of her modeling history. She also doubles as an actress, appearing in a few different minor roles to start this new platform. Carly hopes to keep this as a larger portion of her career as time travels on.

Keep up with her many different events and happenings as she continues her involvement with local community work and outreach programs. Keeping an interactive and approachable mindset allows Carly to be very open and frank with her fans.

Most of her in-person conversations are very deep and meaningful for both parties involved. This is just another way that this young model and ring girl keeps her lifestyle heavily vested on the idea of creating connections and utilizing your platform for creating a consistency in delivery of friendliness and a positive attitude.