Egypt offers a wide range of attractions for those seeking a relaxed holiday and for those looking for a cultural experience. Egypt offers attractions for tourists of all ages and is an ideal family vacation destination. Holidaying in Egypt will allow one to see some of the best-kept ancient monuments and take a stroll through history while taking in the geography of a nation with spectacular natural landscapes and good weather all year through.

There is so much to see in Egypt that one feels that one visit is not enough to see this natural and man-made wonder rich country. Some of the well-known places to visit in Egypt include Alexandria, Dahshur, Aswan, Luxor and, Giza to see the great pyramids and temples- the remains of one of the greatest among ancient civilizations. Egypt also has many beach resorts like Hurghada and Dahab, is famed for water sports and sandy beaches. These beach resorts have many hotels lining the shore and cater to travelers looking for a relaxing vacation by the sea. One can also go on a cruise down the River Nile- one of the worlds longest rivers. Visitors can either go on a luxury liner or a traditional sailboat called the Felucca for a river journey down the Nile.

No holiday in Egypt can be complete without savoring the many traditional Egyptian delicacies. Tourists can start the day with the traditional Egyptian breakfast consisting of Ful Medammes made with fava beans and salt, Falafel with eggs, cheese and, pita bread. Egyptian Falafel also called Tameya is made of fava beans and has a unique taste. One can have the hearty and filling Koshari for lunch. Koshari is made with layered macaroni, rice, lentils and, chickpeas. The dish is topped with caramelized onion and a garlic sauce. Egyptians have a delicious version of the Greek Dolma called the Mahshi. Mahshi consists of vegetables of choice stuffed with a delectable rice-based filling. Shawarma is another Egyptian delicacy made of marinated beef or chicken called Shawarma. Egyptian cuisine boasts of mouth-watering desserts including Sahlab made of milk mixed with orchid root powder, Konafa made of shredded filo pastry filled with cream or cheese and baked. The dish is eaten topped with sugar syrup.

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When the holiday is almost over and the visitor starts wondering what souvenirs to buy for friends and family, Egypt has many traditional keepsakes that one can take home. Mini pyramids and statuettes of the sphinx are popular take-home gifts from Egypt. Another popular souvenir to take home from Egypt are papyrus scrolls. Scarab jewelry is worn by visitors or presented to friends and family as a reminder of an Egyptian holiday. Traditional Egyptian outfits called Jalabeyas or belly dancing outfits are popular garments taken home by tourists as souvenirs as well as leather slippers and traditional caps. Other popular souvenirs include geometric patterned boxes and glass sand bottles, pottery and ceramics, Khayameya traditional tents and, fanoos brass lanterns.

Egypt is the ideal getaway for tourists looking for relaxation or learning about and living with a fascinating ancient culture. Egyptians are warm and hospitable by nature. The country has an amazing cultural and geographical diversity. Through the years Egyptians have strived to create the most travel-friendly environment for visitors compared to other countries in the Middle-East and Africa.