A small town in Indiana may be feeling a little less safe when it comes to protecting itself from crime. This is because it no longer has a police force.

The marshal of Bunker Hill and the department’s four other officers announced their resignations in letters to the town council on Monday, Dec. 13. Marshal Michael Thomison blamed the decision on actions by the council, which he claimed had done “illegal, unethical and immoral” things.

Citing a specific example of improper behavior by the officials, law enforcement personnal claimed that they had been asked to conduct criminal background checks on other members of the council.

The officers said they were then “threatened” when they refused to do so. Safety was another issue, with the officers claiming that they had been forced to share a single set of police-type body armour needed to ensure their own protection. Thomison said one of the actions taken by the council affected him personally.

Having been previously diagnosed with cancer, he was asked to work only part time because of the cost of his insurance. On this issue, Thomison said he plans to taken legal action against the council.

Located some 50 miles north of Indianapolis, Bunker Hill is currently relying upon outside assistance while it tries to replace the officers that quit. According to Thomison, city officials have contacted other officers who have so far been unwilling to help.

None of the council members have commented on the issue, although a statement is expected in due time.

The entire Bunker Hill Police Department called it quits.