You’ve probably seen the many projects that people have completed with wooden pallets. One man saved as many as he could for a year, creating a stunning masterpiece when he had all that he needed. He used 12 pallets to create a beautiful circular fire pit that he can enjoy with his family and friends.

The area was prepared by grading and adding gravel. He dug into the ground about four inches to allow for enough space for the gravel to sit. Tar is added to the bottom of the pallets so that they will stay in place on the gravel. You want to position the pallets vertically to create an enclosure.

Add a coating to prevent insects from damaging the wood. You can paint the pallets or stain them for a beautiful look. The gravel will allow for water to drain so that it doesn’t settle on the ground. Secure the pallets together, positioning them so that they form a circle. You might have to angle them while they are put in position. Shelves can be added to keep firewood, and you can place a few chairs inside the circle so that you and guests have somewhere to sit while enjoying the fire.