People often pull out their phones to take selfies when they see something interesting because they want others to know what they are seeing. But sometimes this can cause more harm than good.

This Baby Dolphin was tragically taken out of the water and passed around by tourists, just so they could get a selfie with it.

By the seashore, tourists discovered a newborn dolphin. The tourists pulled it out and began taking selfies with it instead of putting the animal back into the water and viewing it from a distance. They had no idea that what they were doing would result in the death of the poor creature.

They took the dolphin out of the water for too long, and it died as a result.

A video of tourists holding a newborn dolphin has gone viral. This occurred in 2016 at the Santa Teresita beach resort in Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital city.

The Franciscan dolphin baby was born. Someone removed the dolphin from the water and handed it around in the hot weather. The tourists were eager to capture photographs of the dolphin until they attracted the attention of more people.

The person who last snapped a photo with the dying or probably deceased dolphin simply threw the animal into the sand. Despite the fact that the dolphin was already dead, individuals still wanted to snap photos with it.

“They let him die. He was young and came to the shore. They could have returned him to the water. In fact, he was breathing. But everyone started taking photos and touching him. They said he was already dead., ” a disgusted witness recounted C5N.

The dolphin’s death was unintentional. The tourists wanted nothing more than some photos with the animal. In fact, others are not even sure if the creature died as a result of the photoshoot or not.

Franciscan dolphins are found in Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. They are a unique species of dolphins because there are only about 30,000 of them remaining in the wild. Another reason for their decline is that they come into frequent human contact. Fishermen on average capture around 500 to 800 Franciscan dolphins each year in the Buenas Aires regions.

Although dolphins are mammals that can stay out of water for periods of time, they still require water to breathe. On a hot day by the beach, they would not be able to survive as long as Franciscan dolphins do due to their thick and oily skin.

If they stay out of the water for too long, their skin can cause them to become dehydrated. And this is perhaps why that dolphin died.

Many people know that Franciscan Dolphins are rare, so when they saw one, they wanted to take photos with it and share them online. However, they did not realize the trouble that they were causing the dolphin. Sadly, the dolphin did not survive.