There are fun tests online that claim to determine if you’re smarter than the general public. Some of them can also detect whether you are color blind or whether you might need glasses.

One test claims to separate those who are highly intelligent from those who are only average. Creators of the latest puzzle online have tested it on a large number of people.

Many have failed the test while there are some who have passed. When the statistics are figured out, creators believe that less than 200,000 people in the country will pass the test.

In other words, about 99 percent of the population will fail the test.

While the odds are against many people, it’s worth a shot to take the test to see if you can beat those odds and come up with an answer. There are 5s and 2s on a board.

The 5s are placed in a chaotic order to try to confuse you. If you look closely, the 2s will create a shape. This is where people get stumped. The numbers simply don’t look like any kind of design.

If you don’t see the image soon, then the numbers will all start to look alike. There are other puzzles with the same test where you have to determine what the shape is, but the test does get significantly more difficult.