There are numerous pictures online that feature hidden objects.

Some of them feature a time limit that you have to abide by so that you can see if you have the intelligence that it takes to solve the puzzle or to compare to other people who have seen the image.

One of the latest pictures is of a group of giraffes with a snake hiding among them. Most people find the snake in less than 10 seconds.

Some of the people who have seen the image have found the snake in three seconds. The colors run together as there are several shades of green, brown and blue.

It looks like a treeline at the top of the picture. The giraffes are hanging upside down and standing in the right way.

Most people who see the picture simply take a quick look and give up as this is an image that is hard to decipher.

There are only about 10 percent of the people who see the picture who can find the snake.

It takes some time, but if you look carefully, then you can easily find the snake hidden among the giraffes. It has the same colors of the giraffes and appears to have the same head, but his head is curved with smaller eyes.